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‘Luke Cage’ is coming back to Netflix for a second season

It’s ‘coming soon.’


Chris Tognotti

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Here’s an early Christmas gift for TV fans, with confirmation straight from Marvel itself—Luke Cage is returning to Netflix for its second season. That makes it a trio of Marvel properties that have garnered enough success on Netflix to earn second seasons, with Luke Cage joining Daredevil and Jessica Jones. And it’s yet another sign that Netflix’s gamble to directly finance shows and bypass broadcast TV altogether is paying off in a big way.

At about 2pm ET on Sunday, the official Marvel Twitter account announced the news in an understated way but one instantly recognizable to fans of the series—with the words “Season 2 Coming Soon” lit in neon in the window of Pop’s Barber Shop. The actual text in the tweet, of course: “Always forward.”

Luke Cage drew rave reviews for its first season, and it quickly established itself as one of Marvel’s small-screen hits. Many fans were particularly enthusiastic at having a comic with a predominantly black cast, and an iconic black protagonist, get the Netflix treatment. 

Unfortunately, if you’re already getting juiced to see what season 2 will bring, the release date hasn’t been made public just yet (and as fans of Daredevil and Jessica Jones know, the waiting game can take a while). Hopefully it’ll come around sooner rather than later.

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