Live llamas square off in this astonishing, real costume contest

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The 2015 Minnesota State Fair is an Internet goldmine. Between the “epic” fried foods and butter carvings, it’s a regular #content machine. But how did it take us this long to discover the llama costume contest?

Robyn Pennacchia at the Frisky wrote about falling down the llama hole by watching an hour-long video of the fair’s llama costume competition, which last week included a llama named Moves Like Jagger, a pair dressed as a dalmatian and Cruella DeVille, and a Dr. Who llama so potentially viral that it exposes Left Shark for the hack he is.

You may think, “But this is America! We don’t eat llamas. Why do all these people have llamas?” You may be interested to know that not only is the llama a great pack animal, it can also guard your goat herd from predators.

So enjoy your llamas in costumes. And when you’re done, move on to the Minnesota State Fair’s other videos, like this profoundly white performance.

Photo via Jeff Turner/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Jaya Saxena

Jaya Saxena

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