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Woman swaps bodies with Peyton Manning at Super Bowl, livetweets

It’s ‘Freaky Friday’ meets the NFL, and it’s epic.


Nayomi Reghay

Internet Culture

Nothing pairs with the Super Bowl as well as heavy snacks and hardcore livetweeting. Whether you were gushing over Beyoncé’s halftime performance, lamenting the presence of Chris Martin, or trying to divine the meaning behind a car commercial, we all had something to say.

But comedian and SB Nation producer Nicole Conlan took her livetweeting to the next level when she kicked off the game with this tweet.

What followed was a hilarious saga of epic proportions.

Conlan told the Daily Dot that the idea came to her randomly: “I literally rolled over while I was sleeping and wrote that first tweet, pretty much verbatim, in a notebook. Then I woke up and found it and was like, ‘This is dumb, but all right, I’ll commit to this.’”

And while you might assume the narrative came from a place of fandom, Conlan says that the Super Bowl isn’t exactly her jam. She explained, “I’m a medium-sized sports fan, but I prefer basketball and golf and winter sports. I hate football. I had to watch the game for my job.”

She added, “I’m from Denver, but I am not a Broncos fan. I grew up with them, and I find them very irritating.”

Conlan’s story is full of uproarious moments that will please football fans and those who were just watching for the half-time show alike.

It’s also got its share of twists and turns.

And true to the events of last night’s game, Conlan details winning the Super Bowl—but the thread doesn’t end there.

Conlan left us with this satisfying conclusion:

We see what she did there.

Illustration by Max Fleishman

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