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Photo via Khanoisseur / Twitter Remix by Jason Reed

Little Miss Flint seems deeply afraid of Donald Trump

This picture is worth a thousand words, two of which are ‘help me.’


Miles Klee

Internet Culture

If you’re running for president, you meet a lot of people. Some of those people are kids. And if you’re Donald Trump, those kids probably hate you.

Most recently, 9-year-old Amariyanna Copeny—who happens to be Little Miss Flint—appeared half-disgusted, half-scared to be touched by the Big Orange Candidate in a picture that’s now going viral. Not since the iconic July photo of Trump looking just as upset as the babies he’s holding have we encountered such a powerful campaign visual. Truly captivating.

Copeny earlier this year wrote a letter to President Barack Obama about the contamination of her city’s drinking water, which led to a visit from the man himself. It went a little better than the Trump photo-op. Go figure.

Meanwhile, the Photoshop crew on Reddit are having fun with Trump.

Copeny’s mother, LuLu Brezzell, said that she’s an “independent” and undecided as to who she’ll vote for in November. But if Copeny’s bored irritation is any clue, it seems her own mind is already made up.

You’re just lucky she’s not old enough to vote yet, Donald.

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