woman goes to Colombia to get her lips tattooed and it goes wrong


‘If you’re thinking of getting this done, just buy lipstick’: This TikToker went viral with her lip treatment ‘fail’

‘It was so painful I had to beg her to stop.’


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Another month, another internet beauty trend to either gawk at or add to your routine. TikToker Kaylen (@kaylendoesstuff) amassed more than 9.4 million views when she shared her trip to get her lips tattooed in Colombia.

“Girl you just be doing anything 😭😭😭😭” a top comment reads. 

@kaylendoesstuff #liptattoofail Whose 👄 Jules 👄 #lipblush #liptattoo ♬ original sound – Kaylen

Kaylen, known for her spontaneous adventures to her more than 154,000 followers, did just that. In the video’s narration, she describes her initial hesitation to get the procedure, ultimately going ahead with it.

“When I took this video, I realized wait, I actually really like my lips, maybe I shouldn’t do this,” she says in the video. “And while I was getting the numbing thing I was like, ‘Ok I definitely should go home.’ But I did not go home!”

The lip blushing, which she also describes as “excruciatingly painful,” left her with dramatic results. “If you’re thinking about getting this done, just buy lipstick. It was so painful I had to beg her to stop.”

After the procedure, her lips are a dark pink hue with obvious swelling. The kind of swelling that would make most people want to hide from the outside world for a few days. However, Kaylen notes at the end of the video she went clubbing that same night. A #yolo spirit—that’s kind of inspirational, honestly.

“Lip blushing” is emerging as the new “it girl” within viral beauty trends. The semi-permanent cosmetic procedure adds pigmentation to your lips, with hues of red and pink being the most favored. 

Permanent or semi-permanent makeup has existed for a while—for example, dark tattooed lip liner. Over the years, improvements in machinery have enhanced the appearance and application for clients. A luxurious splurge, treatment prices can range from a low of $300 to $1000 and up, depending on who you go to. Despite the obvious vanity perks, the treatment can be beneficial to those suffering from lip scarring or hyperpigmentation.

Although the video may deter some people from getting the procedure, several commenters on Kaylen’s video noted that the color on her lips should settle in a matter of weeks.

“I do lip blush tattoos! Please update us in about 12 weeks when the color settles”, one TikTok user writes.

“Algorithm bring me back when the swelling goes down 🫣😅,” another user says.

Update May 25, 8am CT: In an email to the Daily Dot, Kaylen said, “Luckily within 2 days the color and swelling subsided, but I still wouldn’t recommend it to others. I learned from this to stay away from permanent makeup and embrace your natural features! I miss waking up to my most natural self.”

She added that she has been living in Colombia for two months and that the treatment cost $55.

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