Close this gym immediately.

The typical feelings most people get when watching a YouTube video: sadness, anger, disbelief, utter depression, numbness. Add “crippling back pain,” and that list sums up this weightlifting lesson.

The following video was captured at an Albany crossfit facility and features people violently jerking a stacked weight bar above their heads. It’s the definition of cringe: the longer you watch it, the more you’re convinced that someone is going to get seriously hurt.

The video was uploaded in 2011 and has resurfaced after Reddit’s r/videos forum got hold of it.

“I watched the whole thing mouth agape, amazed that no one was horribly mangled,” scuzzzy commented.

“You mean bouncing the bar off your belly to get it above your hips and stumbling around isn’t good technique?” m1a1tanksauce added.

H/T Reddit | Screengrab via YouTube

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