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6 iPhone accessories every Lego fan needs

These are AFOL-friendly accessories.


Amy-Mae Turner

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Averaged out, every person on this globe owns 86 Lego bricks. This amazing stat proves that Lego has captured the imagination of generations of children around the world.

Some big kids never really grow out of their love of the Danish building bricks. If you’re one of them—and an iPhone-owner—this little list is for you.

1) Belkin LEGO Builder Cases for iPhone (from $44.99)


Available for the iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus and 6s Plus, Belkin’s “Builder Case” is the official, Lego-approved option.

In a fun combo of colors, the cases are backed with a Lego Base Plate, so you can decorate them with your choice of bricks.

2) Lego Body for Apple Head iPhone Decal ($3)


For something a little more subtle, this decal makes a witty play on the placement of the Apple logo.

3) Society6 Lego Case by AndreAlberto ($35)


If you want LEGO looks without the textured finish, this form-fitting slim case is ideal. It offers sleek, snap-on protection for all iPhone sizes.

4) AFOL iPhone Case by Chillee Wilson ($35)

For die-hard fans, speak geek with an “Adult Fan of Lego” case.

5) Lego Head iPhone Case by OneSixEightOne ($18.88)


If it’s the minifigs that you love, these yellow covers should make you smile. Available in all iPhone sizes.

6) SmallWorks BrickCase (from $9.99)

Lego-lovers on a budget might want to consider SmallWorks’ BrickCases. At $14.99 for cases to suit current iPhone models, they are a bit more affordable but are still compatible with Lego bricks.

Bonus: Minifigure Face Cell Phone Charm (from $2.25)




If you don’t want to change your case but  want to show your love of Lego, these fun anti-dust earphone jacks will more than do the job.

Photo via JB Kilpatrick/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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