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Prime your kids in STEAM learning with 500+ interactive games

A win-win situation for you and your little ones.


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In today’s day and age, setting your child in front of a tablet or TV screen can give you the freedom you want—and deserve—without having to dish out money for a babysitter. With thousands of games to choose from in the app store, you can keep them busy for hours at a time. 

Still, not all games are created equal, thus, it is important to find content that gets your child’s brain working while keeping them entertained. That’s why we recommend fun, yet educational, apps like The Papumba Fun Learning App. This app contains more than 500 interactive games and learning activities for kids aged two to seven and is formated around developmental milestones. With Papumba, kids learn at their own pace, each activity adapting to suit the child’s age and aptitude. 

Since the games and activities are both fun and educational, you can feel good when handing over the tablet to your child. In fact, Papumba will give your child a head start in learning science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) skills. On top of this, they will also be encouraged to play independently while strengthening their critical thinking muscles. Could you ask for more?

There’s no need to blindly trust our opinion. Instead, take a look the overwhelming accolades: it is rated 4.5/5-stars on the Apple App Store, 4.0/5-stars on the Google Play Store, is rated the #1 Play-Based Pre-School Platform in 30+ Countries, and won the Gold Seal of Approval – Excellence in Family-Friendly Products in the Mom’s Choice Awards. With reviews like this, it safe to say this app is a parent (and kid!) favorite. 

You can score a lifetime subscription to Papumba, yes, you read that right, a lifetime, for as little as $49.99 (86% off!) Once your current little one grows up, you can easily hand it down to the next child in your family—consider it the must-have hand-me-down of this generation. 

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