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Up-and-coming design platform Landing is growing a niche online community for creators

As more creators seek self-expression and community through their work on social media, apps outside of the mainstream are springing up.


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This story was originally published on Passionfruit.

We’re sitting down with leaders on the business side of the creator economy to get their best advice for creators looking to launch and develop their careers. This week, we spoke with Miri Buckland and Liz Friedland, co-founder and head of community at the design and vision board web platform Landing.

In an interview with Passionfruit, Buckland and Friedland discussed the program’s appeal to creators, the company’s ambassador program, the importance of niche community in the creator economy, and more.

As more and more creators seek self-expression, fun, and community through their work on social media, apps outside of the mainstream are springing up to fill niche verticals and attract small but dedicated userbases. Pinterest’s recently hyped launch of invite-only collage-making app Shuffles demonstrates a growing interest in artistic, community-based apps. Competitors like the up-and-coming design platform Landing, founded three years ago, want creators to know creativity and community are at the heart of its product offering.

Landing, first founded in 2019, is currently a web-based social media platform with creativity at the heart of it. Users can create anything from vision boards to wish lists, comment on other users’ creations, import images, remix another person’s board, and more. Landing says it currently has over 150,000 active users, which is quite impressive for a platform with a mobile app that has not yet launched. The company says its mobile app is intended to launch in 2023.

Landing’s co-founder Buckland told Passionfruit the platform was originally intended to be an interior design tool, but soon changed as its founders discovered people enjoyed the design aspect of creating mood boards on platforms like Google Slides. Noticing this, they created the tool we now know as Landing, and in just a few years the tool became a web platform and online community.

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