These people will do anything to defend pineapple pizza

Welcome back to the Daily Dot’s ongoing series highlighting some of the best posts from Reddit’s weirdest and funniest subreddits. Today, we’re looking at r/knightsofpineapple.

I’ve always found it kind of weird how pineapple on pizza was regarded as something only 10-year-olds and idiots like. The idea of including a tropical fruit on a savory dish has the guise of something exotic, right? If I was at a bougie restaurant and they had a pizza on the menu that was served with green apple, my ears would immediately perk up, because it’d at least have the appearance of being radical. But no, ordering pineapple immediately makes you the worst kind of person.

Meanwhile, the self-described “Knights of Pineapple” are a small hamlet of Hawaiian-pizza-lovers who have gathered to commiserate and protest an unfair cultural designation. I cannot currently think of nobler cause or credo, so here is their best work.

At 338 upvotes, literal years of resentment.

This image captures the chip-on-shoulder fury that defines the rest of the subreddit. I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t feed a dog pineapple, though.

At 301 upvotes, the ultimate dealbreaker.

This is now officially the most George Constanza reason anyone has ever dumped anyone.

At 288, actual media bias.

Maybe there needs to be a GamerGate for pineapple on pizza.

At 235 upvotes, ultimate dedication.

I understand that this is like getting a Death Eater’s mark to some people.

At 219 upvotes, too much of a good thing.

I am someone that generally likes pineapple on pizza, and this still made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. I guess at least that throw-up would be sickly sweet? OK, gross—moving on.

At 193 upvotes, taking it to the streets.

Fun fact: This photo was taken at Occupy Wall Street.

At 151 upvotes, the cat’s endorsement.

Honestly, that cat is making the same face I make after eating more than 50 percent of any pizza.

Luke Winkie

Luke Winkie

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