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These librarians were not prepared for a medieval battle on their first day

But this is no ordinary library.


Mike Fenn

Internet Culture

Picture this: You’re in your local library. It’s mostly quiet, as libraries tend to be. You’re deciding which of last year’s must-read books to check out: Nathaniel P.? Telegraph Avenue? Then, suddenly, a flaming arrow pierces the air and buries itself in a thick tome mere feet away.

Would you be confused? Terrified? Amused?

Such reactions happened from actual, unsuspecting library patrons in an real U.K. library when a promo for the new Syfy series The Librarians unexpectedly broke out in front of them. Thankfully, the network uploaded it to YouTube for all of us to enjoy.

The promotion calls to mind an October 2013 promotion for the remake of Carrie, in which patrons in a New York City coffee shop were startled when an actress began to “display” Carrie White’s trademark telekinetic powers.

If Syfy went to all of this trouble before The Librarians series even premiered, imagine what they have in store if things are renewed for a second season.

Screengrab via SyFyUK/YouTube

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