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Kindergarteners reacting to ‘Wonder Woman’ will make your day

'Wonder Woman' inspired a class of tiny humans to make your day.


Nahila Bonfiglio

Internet Culture

Posted on Jun 12, 2017   Updated on May 23, 2021, 3:23 am CDT

A class of kindergarteners has given us yet another reason to be thankful for Wonder Woman—this time, for the adorable, heartwarming reactions they’ve had to the film.

The director of the movie, Patty Jenkins, tweeted a list of reactions by tiny fans sent to her by her producer. The list, sent by an unnamed teacher or classroom assistant, details more than 10 priceless reactions from just one class, and shows the power of cinema—particularly when it comes to children.

One of the responses came from a little girl who “came with a printed list of every single female superhero and her powers, to avoid any trouble when deciding roles at recess.” This came, we assume, after the day mentioned earlier in which seven girls plays at recess decided “that since they all wanted to be Wonder Woman they had agreed to be Amazons and not fight but work together to defeat evil.”

These stories, along with all the others included in the adorable collection, show how much good a movie with a good message—like female empowerment—can do.

The note ended with a powerful message: If a film like Wonder Woman can change the way so many little people think in just a week, we can only imagine the good that more movies like this can do.

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*First Published: Jun 12, 2017, 4:39 pm CDT