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A Twitter feud may have been the best thing to happen for Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West after all.

A Twitter feud may have been the best thing to happen for Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West after all.

They made up on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, but as it turned out, the old adage of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” proved true yet again. They’re much better putting aside their differences. Once West was able to rant to Kimmel and the audience, they joined forces to tackle the real problem: the paparazzi.

And who else but the Gregory Brothers to make that dream happen?

Kimmel and West’s aspiration to smash every camera belonging to the paparazzi has now been vocalized and put to music, complete with Auto-Tune and plenty of guitar action from Kimmel.

They just want some respect and to smash some cameras. And for West, that’s actually not asking so much.

H/T Tastefully Offensive | Photo via schmoyoho/YouTube

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