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How many questions can this kid ask while watching ‘Star Wars’ for the first time?

Does he really need to know where Luke Skywalker is at all times?


Josh Katzowitz

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It’s almost certainly a magical experience when a father who has loved Star Wars his entire life gets to show his child that fantastical film for the first time. My young kids haven’t seen the movie yet, but when they do, I’m sure it will be an electric experience for the whole family (and we’re not even particularly big Star Wars fans).

But perhaps dad Andy Herald didn’t count on the amount of queries that would be fired his way when he and his son settled on the couch to watch Luke Skywalker try to save all of existence. Before the movie begins, Herald tweeted this.

I guessed 50. I wasn’t even close.

In case you were wondering, Star Wars is 121 minutes long, so the 278 questions means that Lucas was blasting out an average of 2.3 questions per minute.

It’s funny: My son, who’s about the same age as Lucas, once asked me, “Daddy, did you know that Dark Vader (not Darth, but Dark) was Luke Skywalker’s daddy?” I have no idea how he knew that, since he’s never seen the movie. Now I know: It’s because he’s been hanging around with this Lucas kid way too much.

But here’s good news for Lucas, who wants to know non-stop just where the hell Luke Skywalker is. That question actually has been relevant in the buildup to the latest Star Wars. But the better question might be: What the hell is Luke Skywalker?

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