Kid totally flips out after stepping in dog poop

Nothing puts a damper on your day like stepping in a nice warm pile of dog doo. One little boy is learning life’s struggles after ending up in the poopy trap.

You can hear the kid’s howling from a mile away before the videographer gets close enough to check out what’s happened. But what’s pretty hilarious is that while the boy is freaking out at the other end of the yard, the alleged doggy culprit is just chillin’.  


Meanwhile, the kid is yelling, “I NEED PAPER TOWELS!” Check out his adorably hilarious freakout:

We feel for you, buddy. Now go grab the hose and get that shit off before you go back inside. 

H/T Uproxx | Photo via Mikkirenia/YouTube, istolethetv/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Gabe Bergado

Gabe Bergado

Gabe Bergado is a Daily Dot alumnus who covered dank memes, teens, and the weirdest corners of the Internet. One time, Ted Cruz supporters turned him into a meme—or at least tried to. In 2017, he started reporting for Teen Vogue's entertainment section.