British newspaper on the hunt for the monster who threw a whole KFC combo on the street

This tragedy will not go unnoticed.

Feb 29, 2020, 8:59 am*

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April Siese

The British resort town of Cheltenham usually doesn’t see a lot of news. Its chill offerings bring it the occasional national attention but rarely does a story go global. Cheltenham finally got its day in the sun on Thursday thanks to one of the biggest tragedies the borough has ever faced.

Local newspaper the Gloucestershire Echo ran a story bright and early about a full KFC feast of fried chicken and french fries discovered on the ground at 6:30am. The killer combo was just chilling on the sidewalk, its contents strewn like a body dumped after a crime. Needless to say, citizens were horrified, as were people around the world who’d picked up on this senseless act.

The chicken only lasted a few hours before it was snatched up. Just a few fries were still dotting the street by the time reporters had returned to the scene at 11:25am. Some say this mystery points to a larger problem in Cheltenham, however.

A quick search of the Cheltenham KFC reveals that the biggest crime may be in how they serve their customers and prepare their chicken. Apparently, the KFC location mere stumbling distance from the discarded feast is awful. Just ask these unhappy customers:

While Twitter‘s been decrying the anonymous owner of this abandoned bag of KFC, it seems that the chicken chain has been serving up buckets of bullshit at their Cheltenham location. Wake up, sheeple.

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*First Published: Apr 8, 2016, 9:08 am