Katt Williams got beat up by a kid he sucker-punched

Comedian Katt Williams hasn’t had the best time of it lately. He’s being sued by a women he allegedly beat up after she used his bathroom. He got in a fight at a Beanie Siegel concert in Philadelphia. He was arrested for punching a employee at a pool store in Georgia. And for some bizarre reason, he challenged 5’4″ Kevin Hart to a million-dollar basketball game and rap battle.

Now there’s footage of Williams sucker punching some kid who backed him into a corner, then getting his ass handed to him.

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Although we don’t know what lead up to the confrontation (when the video starts, Williams and the kid are obviously already angry with each other) it’s clear that Williams threw the first punch—and waited until the kid looked away to do so.

The age of the younger combatant has yet to be verified, but when he posted the video to Facebook with the comment “HAHA he nothing but talk,” one commentator added “Celebrities can get it too. Lol. Young luke is only 17.”

Update 1:12pm CT, March 24: Embedded new extended footage of the incident, which reveals that Williams did not instigate the confrontation.

H/T Complex | Photo via UrbanLuv1/YouTube

David Britton

David Britton

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