Very good dog paints the name ‘Trump,’ then signs it in piss

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The likely win in Nevada makes it clear Sanders is the early front runner.

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Jumpy is an extremely good and smart dog who works as a Hollywood stunt specialist by day and moonlights as a painter. His mastery of the brush allows him to spell out words or names—like, say, “Trump”—with just a little help from his trainer, Omar von Muller. 

And if Jumpy paints a word he finds distasteful—like, say, “Trump”—he has a unique way of signing his work: with piss. 

This dog’s work, like all art, is political. 

And urine is certainly a valid, if controversial, artistic medium. Consider Andre Serrano’s infamous Piss Christ, a photograph of an icon of Jesus on the cross submerged in a jar of the artist’s own urine. Is Jumpy’s Piss Trump not an equally poignant statement about society’s dysfunctional relationship with its messianic figures?

Sure, on some level. On another level, it’s just a dog urinating on “Trump.” And for many, that’s surely enough to put the “art” in “cathartic.” 

Jumpy 2016: Make America a Good Boy Again.

Jay Hathaway

Jay Hathaway

Jay Hathaway is a former senior writer who specialized in internet memes and weird online culture. He previously served as the Daily Dot’s news editor, was a staff writer at Gawker, and edited the classic websites Urlesque and Download Squad. His work has also appeared on,, and the Morning News.