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Jason Statham fights a prehistoric shark in ‘The Meg’

It’s ‘Moby Dick’ for idiots, and it looks incredible.


Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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Some formulas never get old. In the case of The Meg, that applies to the classic rivalry of man vs. giant sea creature. From Moby Dick to Sharknado, it’s a partnership that’s been proven to work.

The Meg is very much a Jason Statham movie, in the same way that Rampage is all about the Rock. Statham plays a deep sea rescue diver with a unique mission: protecting a research submarine from a giant prehistoric shark. That’s the titular Meg, short for Megalodon.

The film’s tagline is “Chomp on this.” They know what we’re here for.

This is clearly the stupid-but-brilliant summer blockbuster of 2018, tiding us over while we wait for the next Fast and Furious to arrive.

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