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‘We’re taught after a certain time that life is kind of over’: Influencers over 40 encourage people of all ages to create if they want to

Older female influencers are challenging ageist expectations of women.


Ingrid Cruz

Internet Culture

Posted on May 11, 2022   Updated on Jul 26, 2023, 6:07 pm CDT


This story was originally published on Passionfruit.

We typically expect social media personalities to be in their 20s or younger, and though many of them are, older content creators are also carving out dedicated followings online. 

Studies show that people who are older are often portrayed as inept with technology and out of touch. In reality, according to CBS, influencers who are grandparents or in that age bracket are making a killing online, challenging ageist stereotypes, and inspiring others to get more creative. Older content creators provide better representation of their demographic—and younger fans are paying attention too.

Women especially face harsher consequences for aging, despite the fact that it is simply a natural aspect of life. Media representation of successful, happy older women is scant, and youthfulness is often emphasized. Ageism also presents itself at work and in personal relationships, where women are judged for their appearances or life choices. The message is clear: women should fear aging. However, older female influencers are challenging this notion.

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*First Published: May 11, 2022, 9:00 am CDT