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After 95 shots of nothing but his face, Benny Winfield, Jr. has more than 17,000 followers.

There are some mysteries on Instagram that defy logic, like this severed Barbie doll with 1,200 followers or this bizarre series of David Bowie duets.   

Enter the curious case of Benny Winfield, Jr. Since joining Instagram as @mrpimpgoodgame two months ago, Winfield has shared 95 glorious images of himself. He’s so good at taking selfies, he doesn’t even bother using filters for most of them.

Winfield racked up more than 17,000 followers because, as he says, he understands “the game.” What exactly that game is has yet to be determined.

Regardless, it’s a bizarre and oddly compelling feed to follow, a constant reminder that somewhere out there things are looking up.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Winfield. We need you now more than ever.

Photos via Benny Winfield, Jr/Instagram

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