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Bride sneaks up on husband-to-be in gigantic T. rex costume

Tiny arms, big heart.


Monica Riese

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Couples are always coming up with cute new ways to make their wedding and engagement photos unique and fun, but we’re pretty sure bridal creativity will go extinct after this latest entry.

When Beth and Tom got hitched last year, they elected to do a “first look” photo shoot with their wedding photographer. Traditionally, the bride sneaks up on the groom, taps him on the shoulder, and he turns around to see her in her dress for the first time.

But Beth had something else in store for her hubby-to-be. She opted to sneak up in an inflatable T. rex costume, and Jon Clark Weddings was there to capture the whole thing.

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Part of us wonders how he didn’t hear the costume’s little whirring fan from right behind him, but we kinda don’t want to ruin the magic here.

The Gardners aren’t the only ones to inject some prehistoric fun in their wedding shoot, either. Greg Basel and Maria Adams Photography also went viral this week for an engagement shoot between two T. rexes.

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Mazel tov to all the happy couples.

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