indonesian laughing tiger statue

Vincent Candra/Twitter

Indonesia destroyed a tiger statue in shame after memes savagely mocked it

We hardly knew ye.


Jay Hathaway

Internet Culture

The Indonesian army on Monday destroyed a tiger statue that had long stood guard outside a base in West Java because internet users had relentlessly mocked the tiger’s unusual “halfwit” face and turned it into a hilarious meme.

The cartoonish statue had been there for years, but it seems to have become famous last week after this tweet by Vincent Candra brought it to the internet’s attention. “What the hell is this tiger?” he wrote.

Indeed, the tiger looks more like an off-brand cousin of Chester Cheetah than a representation of the Siliwangi Military Command’s fierce-looking tiger logo. Here’s the Silwangi military district’s emblem:

siliwangi military command tiger
Wikimedia Commons

Indonesian memesters quickly altererd the wacky tiger into every photo and situation they could think of.

And then, on Monday, the “macan cisewu”—laughing tiger—met its fate.

“Every unit has their own decision on how the statue was made, but sometimes the artist was not that good,” the commander of the Siliwangi unit told the BBC.

Some felt a little bad for mocking the tiger statue to death, and RIP posts began popping up. Some even compared the statue to another, real animal who now sleeps in meme heaven: Harambe the gorilla.

There’s even a joke petition underway to bring it back:

R.I.P., macan cisewu, gone before it reached its full comedy potential. It’s a small comfort to know it will live on in the hearts and comedy Facebook pages of Indonesian meme fans..

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