thawing frozen tomato

Photo via DracoLeCount / Imgur Remix by Max Fleishman

Red with passion.

This is one way to get people to pay attention to their vegetables. 

On Monday night, Imgurian DracoLeCount posted something that you might not think would attract the denizens of the internet: a photo of a frozen tomato. Now, whether you say “toe-mae-toe” or “toh-mah-toh,” you can agree that what happened to the chilled veggie is pretty cool.

It starts off with the tomato looking like something out of the White Witch’s garden in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

But the icy exterior didn’t last, as the plump red sphere slowly, eventually lost its shape. Check out its entire transformation.

Whether it’s a shitpost or not, the tomato gallery has been heralded as a “[w]ild ride from begining to end,” with others calling it “the kind of hard-hitting investigative journalism this country needs.” It has been on the front page of Imgur all Tuesday morning, with over 360,000 views and over 13,000 points as of midday. 

Waiting for Frozen Tomato to guest star in the next VeggieTales.

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