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Screengrab via IKEA Retail Therapy

Ikea mocks your relationship problems with hilarious new English translations

Ikea thinks you need ‘retail therapy.’


Austin Powell

Internet Culture

Have you ever actually tried to pronounce the names of the Ikea products you’ve struggled to assemble? Those umlauts and silent consonants can be difficult to say the least. And who knows what you’re really getting when you order a FABRIKÖR or BESTÅ. 

Ikea’s new Retail Therapy campaign solves that problem by giving its products clever English alternatives—and trolling you in the process.

The retail giant replaced the names of its products with some of the most common Google searches about relationship problems in Sweden to “to prove what IKEA can be a part of the solution.” So, “FROSTA” becomes “My husband falls asleep on the couch.” 

For a $1.99, you can learn more about “Why men can’t open up.”


The solution to your intimacy problems has been right there in front of you this whole time. 


There are some sexist suggestions that are stereotypical (a frying pan paired with “how to stay married” and a grill for “how to get a girl to like you”) but honestly, it’s the most genius SEO hack I’ve come across in years. Now, if you Google one of these ridiculously common phrases, one of the first results that might crop up will be an IKEA product. 


Ikea’s going to be laughing at you all the way to the bank. 

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