This pancake reaction TikTok is bizarrely controversial


‘One is happy and joyous and one is bitter and judgmental’: This pancake reaction TikTok is bizarrely controversial

Filmed in an IHOP, this viral TikTok shows a bystander reacting to a TikToker dancing while eating pancakes.


Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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How much discourse can there possibly be about an eight-second video of a woman eating pancakes? A lot, as it turns out.

Viewed 20 million times on TikTok and sparking strong opinions on X, this video shows TikToker @addictedtoana sitting in an IHOP, doing a happy dance while waiting for a plate of pancakes. The caption reads, “My hangryness leaving my body the moment I have my food.”

It’s a pretty basic reaction TikTok, with an unexpected punchline. In the background, another customer is watching @addictedtoana dance, looking disgruntled and judgmental.

The TikToker acknowledged this customer in a follow-up video, joking that the woman was annoyed about @addictedtoana receiving her food first. But over on X, the interplay between these two women was a lot more divisive.

Some viewers thought the woman in the background was being meanspirited about a stranger’s behavior. Meanwhile, others thought @addictedtoana’s enthusiasm was fake or performative – or that she was being disruptive by filming a TikTok in public.

“STOP BEING WEIRD,” reads one of the many responses on X. “Stupid TikTok is ruining people’s ability to be NORMAL in public. EVERYTHING has to be recorded, always putting on a face for strangers.”

Another defended the TikToker, writing, “one is happy and joyous and one is bitter and judgmental who do you think leads a better life.”

As this controversy spread, some commenters also called out the way social media users scrutinize this kind of viral content.

Ultimately, neither of the people in this video are doing anything notably “bad.” One is acting goofy for the camera, while the other reacts naturally without realizing she’s being filmed. There are some deeper ethical questions about TikTok’s impact on public life, and how random innocuous moments can go viral without the subject’s consent. But all the negativity here comes from commenters rather than the original TikToker.

Much of the IHOP girl discourse revolves around viewers projecting unfounded analysis onto one of the two women in the video. For instance, describing the bystander as “borderline envious at someone else’s joy,” or framing the TikToker as fake or attention-seeking.

On the original TikTok however, there’s no conflict whatsoever. “I think the real MVP of this video is the girl in the back,” reads one of the top comments. Agreeing, @addictedtoana replies, “Someone need to find her I need to invite her to party with me.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @addictedtoana via TikTok comment.

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