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‘They’re gonna train you anyway’: TikToker shares how to get job you are unqualified for

'Y’all gotta finesse the system like they do you.'


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Posted on Aug 11, 2022   Updated on Aug 11, 2022, 8:07 am CDT

While some on TikTok have gone viral for warning about the dangers of lying on your resume, others have recently seen equal success for advising the opposite.

In a video with over 2.5 million views, user Kyron (@myersl1fe) shares a single piece of advice for the job seekers of the world. His secret? Lying.

“Lie! Lie!” he says. “Lie on these bitches! They’re gonna train you anyway, and if they’re not going to train you, just ask questions! Finesse! Finagle! Something! Even the resume professionals will tell you [to] add a little bit of spice on there! Lie on that bitch!”

@myersl1fe #stitch with @_armani_chardonnay_ ♬ original sound – Kyron💛

In later videos, Kyron clarifies this point, explaining that one cannot simply lie; they must be able to back up their statements with skills they actually have or are willing and able to learn.

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In this follow-up, he starts by advising people to not apply to jobs for which they are truly unqualified or lack the skills to accomplish. 

His advice of “lying,” for the most part, is merely encouraging people to think outside the box when it comes to their experience.

“If you have experience in sales, you have experience in recruiting,” he offers as an example. “If you have experience in customer service [with] retail, you have experience with customer service, administrative.”

For skills that one does not yet have, he tells job seekers to teach themselves using free platforms like YouTube.

“Every job that y’all want is on YouTube,” he explains. He goes on to state that these platforms are not only good for training job seekers for their work on the job; they can also assist in finding a job by helping them build their resume.

Another video further elaborates on this idea.


Just some clif notes

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“This does not apply to all job fields,” he says of his tip. “When I’m telling you to lie, I’m telling you to just razzle dazzle, bro.”

Plus, he says that at this point, recruiters are expecting a few white lies on the resume. A good recruiter, he notes, will be able to suss out what is valid, what is not, and what skills can be learned on the job by the right applicant.

The most important part, he says, is the interview. For this, he advises looking up sample interviews on YouTube and TikTok as well as performing mock interviews with one’s friends or family to get accustomed to the interviewing process. This also allows a potential applicant to get feedback about where they are strong and where they need further experience.

If all else fails, he says you can even ask the recruiter about your interviewing ability and where you can improve at the conclusion of a job interview.

“There’s information out here,” he shares. “If you don’t want to put in the work, you’re not going to get the job.”

In comments, users shared their own thoughts and experiences with the topic.

“Make sure! You study all of the topics in the job description. You don’t have to have actual practical experience but know the topics in and out,” advised one commenter.

“Study that job description, pick out what you can do and perfect it!” recommended another.

However, while many were on board with Kyron’s advice of basic lying, others went a step further, claiming they landed jobs after lying about bigger things like university degrees and previous job experience.

“I’ll do you one better… look up business that went out of business due to Rona and boom… you been there 2-3 years,” offered a TikToker.

“I’ve been lying since 2016. Who gone know??” added a second. “Y’all gotta finesse the system like they do you.”

Above all, users were simply on board with the advice of being confident and finding ways to adequately prepare for the interview and job, experienced or otherwise.

As one user wrote, “Seriously the best thing you can do is research & prepare. You can’t be lazy & put effort in it.”

Update 8:06am CT, Aug. 11: In an email to Daily Dot, Kyron reiterated the points in the video while stressing the importance of making sure you’re ready before a job interview. “All I want people to know is just be confident in whatever you’re doing and prepare,” he said.

He closed by quoting Benjamin Franklin: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

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*First Published: Aug 11, 2022, 7:20 am CDT