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Infamously homophobic auto repair shop owner doesn’t have a business license

For this Michigan mechanic, customers with guns are good. Gay customers and business licenses are bad.


Josh Katzowitz

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Posted on Apr 22, 2015   Updated on May 29, 2021, 12:21 am CDT

You remember the Michigan auto mechanic who wrote on Facebook that he wouldn’t cater to gay people—people with guns, though, were cool by him—and subsequently had his Yelp page transformed into a gay mecca? You want to hear something funny? The dude doesn’t have a business license for his business.

That’s according to, which writes that Brian Klawiter, who owns the Dieseltec shop in Grandville, Mich., told the City Council earlier this year that “requiring a license violates his constitutional rights because it authorizes city inspectors to enter his property without a warrant.”

Said Klawiter to the City Council, “I dispute your lawful ability to do what you claim. I will not sign the application. I cannot and will not give up my civil rights, especially when requested by a government entity for which the Constitution was designed to limit the power of. Would you sign something giving me the right to search your home as I pleased?”

Let’s leave aside for a moment Klawiter’s claim that he doesn’t want his supposed constitutional rights to be violated when he’s perfectly willing to violate the rights of any gay man or woman who walks into this store. Why wouldn’t Klawiter want to have a business license, anyway?

Perhaps it’s because he’d have to pay a one-time $100 fee. Or maybe it’s because Klawiter would have to share contact information and business details with the city on his application. Or it could be that he knows city inspectors would have the ability to enter his building without a warrant.

There’s, of course, no telling what would happen if the city inspector who showed up at Dieseltec happened to be gay. After all, this is what Klawiter wrote on his Facebook page on April 14.

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Speaking of which, what’s been happening with Klawiter’s Yelp page? Well, it no longer looks like this.


It’s just a regular-looking Yelp page. And what about the comments like this from Ramsey …?

it was such a drive out of my way, however i heard about the good hand jobs the owner perform on clients, still i had way better hand jobs closer to home… sorry guys over rated….. will get my service elsewhere

… Or this from Joe S?

Dieseltec worked on my Ford PowerStroke.  It was getting way too hot and spraying white fluids everywhere.  They showed me how to apply a C0K ring to the rod & 2 bearings to prolong the length and intensity I could run my PowerStroke.  Also, they applied liberal amounts of lube to my shaft, which again helped it run long & strong. 

Sadly, all of the gay-related reviews are gone, replaced by the boring criticism reserved for customers who might have actually visited the license-less business.

But take heed all of you people who were upset by Klawiter’s thoughts. All four comments have still left him with a one-star review.

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*First Published: Apr 22, 2015, 10:19 pm CDT