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Watch this train block the ‘Hogwarts Express’ for dozens of ‘Harry Potter’ fans

It’s peak 2020 energy.


Siobhan Ball

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The steam train reportedly featured in the Harry Potter films as the Hogwarts Express made its bi-annual cross-country trip across Scotland on Monday and, well, a lot of things happened.


The lack of social distancing and mask-wearing at several stations got a special mention.

NO masks, NO social distancing...COVIDiots!!

But the thing, or rather train, that really stole the show was the ScotRail train coming down the other track, blocking off the Hogwarts Express from view as it traveled through Drum station.

"Lass a know waited 2 hours at drum train station to see the Harry Potter train go past tonight and this happened Rolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing.#YaFuckingBastard #HarryPotter" embedded tiktok shared above

The sheer frustration of the people who waited two whole hours just to have an ordinary ScotRail train block their view of the famous steam train is an incredible 2020 mood.

That’s 2020. In a video. Right there.

Then there were the references to Rowling’s increasingly aggressive position on trans people, with @AliceAvizandum quipping, “scotrail said trans rights.”

scotrail said trans rights
Seems Harry Potter gets worse! Its fans today disregard social distancing to see The Jacobite Steam Train (Used in film as Hogwarts Express) while  @jk_rowling  continues to disregard trans right! #TransRightsAreHumanRights
What happens when you're like yay! Harry Potter then OH No! Jk Rowlings a Terf!

Meanwhile, some Scots felt the need to get in a little jab at ScotRail, with one Twitter user saying, “To be fair a Scotrail train running is worth videoing.”

To be fair a Scotrail train running is worth videoing ☺️
Typical of our railway system! You wait hours for the train you want and it doesn’t arrive. You wait for the Hogwarts Express and the bloody thing gets blocked by the “On Time” train 😂😂

This isn’t even the “real” Hogwarts Express. That one is on display at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London. The train in the footage is the Jacobite, which lent some of its carriages for the film series. The train also runs along the Glenfinnan viaduct, a notable location featured in the film.

"Repeat after me - this train is NOT the train that was used in the Harry Potter films. The actual Hogwarts Express engine is located at  @wbtourlondon . This is the Jacobite, the train that runs on the railway seen in the films Man facepalming - stellar reporting from  @SkyNews" Embedded tweet from sky news featuring footage of the trains and the text "Harry Potter fans were left disappointed as a commuter train passed through the station at the same time as the steam train which served as the Hogwarts Express Steam locomotiveHigh-speed train"

Powerfully 2020. Definitely a metaphor for something.

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