My aunt’s pig has Instagram and it has thousands of followers

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My aunt Lucy has a pet pig named Hazel. Hazel is the best animal on the Internet since Marnie the Dog. With thousands of followers on her Instagram account, more than most of the Daily Dot staff by an order of magnitude, this pig is destined for greatness.

Hazel has a perfect combination of cuteness and social media skills, combining to form an Instagram animal to replace those that have become divas with their online fame.

For instance, she can jump pretty well.



Oops! Got caught!

A video posted by Hazel Cunningham (@hazelthepig) on


Hazel also doesn’t always eat her vegetables. I mean who does?



Just Say “No” to green beans! Photo credit @stone_brickstone

A photo posted by Hazel Cunningham (@hazelthepig) on


However when Hazel does it, she is extremely patient and well mannered, but she is going to have to learn to keep her elbows off the table.



Waiting for lunch…

A photo posted by Hazel Cunningham (@hazelthepig) on


Hazel has also been taking swimming lessons recently, but it doesn’t seem to be going too well.



Swimming lessons.

A photo posted by Hazel Cunningham (@hazelthepig) on


She also rocks a pretty decent Halloween costume.



Let’s talk truth – it’s a “hot pig”

A photo posted by Hazel Cunningham (@hazelthepig) on


Overall it’s clear she is the future of animal Instagram, and that Marnie’s time in the sun is only fleeting at best. Play us out, Hazel!



Move over Miss Piggy, I have have looks AND talent!

A video posted by Hazel Cunningham (@hazelthepig) on


That’ll do pig… That’ll do.

Photo via thornypup/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Ned Donovan

Ned Donovan

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