Harry Potter Themed Wedding

Photo by Nirav Patel

This couple had a Harry Potter-themed wedding, and it was breathtaking

Talk about Wingardium levi-whoa-sa!


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A couple exchanged their wedding vows in a breathtaking Harry Potter-themed wedding that will make J.K. Rowling wish she attended.

The two newlyweds, Cindy and Matthew, tied the knot on their special day in February 2016 at the Hollywood Castle in Los Angeles, surrounded by their closest friends and family. Thankfully photos of the enchanting day have been swirling around the internet.

The two created a day that puts all Harry Potter-themed weddings to rest, and it could quite possibly be considered the ultimate theme-wedding goals. Attendees sported their best Harry Potter-themed attire, and some even look like they jumped right out of the mythical series.

A month into the engagement, Cindy got down to business and began creating DIY crafts reflecting the dark nature of the films—to create the Harry Potter-themed wedding she had always dreamed of. The couple enhanced the already enchanted castle with skillfully placed books and candles, and the couple even placed delicate wands on the reception chairs to send the couple off post-ceremony.

Harry Potter Themed Wedding
Photo by Nirav Patel

Cindy and Matt were introduced through a mutual friend before all three of them moved in together as roommates, and by the end of the year’s lease, the two were dating. The pair dated for six years and Matt popped the question during a surprise camping trip in Big Sur, California. Matt picked a purple flower while hiking through the scenic Point Lobos and got down on one knee in front of Cindy.

Harry Potter Themed Wedding
Photo by Nirav Patel

Unsurprisingly, the wedding was so beautiful Martha Stewart Weddings did a full feature on their big day. I mean, the two wrote their vows on ancient scrolls.

BRB, just going to go cry in my cauldron.

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