Coach makes unbelievable save when gymnast falls mid-routine

Gymnastics spotter catch

Screengrab via Warren Liebmann/YouTube

He walked away like it was nothing.

It turns out that the spotters at gymnastics events aren’t just for show after all. Witness this incredible moment at the WAG Ontario Championships when the coach standing by for a contestant’s routine on the uneven bars makes the best assist you’ll ever see.

The quick-thinking coach’s name is Vitali, and he hails from the Gym Magic Gymnastics Club in Burlington, Ontario. And aside from some light applause, everybody kind of acted as if what Vitali accomplished was a fairly normal occurrence. The gymnast rises from the floor and begins walking to the apparatus like she didn’t almost injure herself. The coach casually gets back up and goes back to his position. Another coach still situated by the bars—who, mind you, has just witnessed one of the most amazing moments in world history—claps exactly twice.And a woman in the crowd says, “Good catch.”

Wrong, lady! This was an amazing catch by an amazing spotter, and as soon as he was done flipping and holding the gymnast aloft like she was freakin’ Simba, the gym should have erupted with a standing ovation.

Somebody should give him a medal. Not for bravery or even for his wonderful athleticism, but for exhibiting the best dad reflexes since this guy stuck his arm in front of a bat to save a texting kid. Vitali is a national hero, and from this moment onward, he should be treated as such. For he is not just the spotter of one gymnast, but a savior for all mankind.

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