Spencer McCullough sets a new Guinness World Record for tallest waffle stack


These dudes set a Guinness record for tallest waffle stack—and the Twitter thread is epic

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The Guinness World Records book holds some of the most remarkable achievements in the world, from smallest waist to longest time holding an abdominal plank position. Now, a group of ambitious friends from Denver can add a new record to the prestigious book: the tallest stack of waffles ever assembled.

In case you’re wondering (and you obviously are): The previous record for the tallest waffle stack was 51 centimeters (about 20 inches). Spencer McCullough felt confident he could crush that record. Denver land surveyor Dustin Hoaglin visited the site of the stacking to take an official measurement, and Denver Post reporter Elizabeth Hernandez painstakingly documented the endeavor on Twitter.

McCullough, 23, said he received a 40-page PDF from Guinness defining what constitutes a waffle at the onset of his mission. He and his friends used more than 50 pounds of waffle batter to make their dream a reality. His friend Steve Garguilo flew in from Texas to assist with the historic undertaking. When asked if he would like to join the team, Garguilo responded to McCullough, “In the future, please phrase these requests as a sentence, ‘you are coming to Denver’ and not as questions. See you then.”

It was a difficult, albeit tasty, battle. Hernandez reported that McCullough and his co-chefs reached “max capacity for production” at one point and demanded a bigger oven. McCullough and his partners needed to use a specially leveled table to get an accurate read. Somebody brought a large fan into the kitchen because it was, according to Hernandez,” approximately 800 degrees” in the waffle laboratory.

Other Denver residents indulged their curiosity and visited the scene of the stack upon finding the Facebook event. They were pleasantly surprised to find a land surveyor and extensive topping bar. After an intense afternoon of waffle making, McCullough and his partners were ready to put their stacking skills to the test.

There’s no way to say this without sounding anticlimactic, but McCullough and Co. easily set the new record for highest waffle stack ever recorded. After a few near-tumbles that would make the most seasoned Jenga player weep, the Denver chefs topped out at 67 centimeters (26.4 inches)—not because their stack collapsed, but because they literally ran out of waffles.

Elated, exhausted, and doubtless famished after a hard day’s work, McCullough and all who were present at the historic waffle stacking got to enjoy the fruits of their labor after the final measurement, in what will certainly go down as one of the most delicious celebration banquets of all time. See Hernandez’s heroic Twitter thread here. It’s well worth your time to peruse the entire thread and bask in the team’s glorious victory.

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