grannies smoke weed

Screengrab via Channel 4/YouTube

Murder She Blazed.

It’s never too late to try weed for the first time.

Just ask these three British grannies who got lit in Amsterdam for a Channel 4 U.K. video. Trish, Margot, and Daphne have warmed our hearts as they warm their lungs with some good ol’ kush. 

The clip starts off with them talking about some of the misconceptions and details they’ve heard about weed, and then they dive right into it with rolling a joint. Margo was tasked as group joint roller since she’s good at embroidery. Then of course, they get to light that puppy.

Next up in their immersion of weed culture is bong hits. Thankfully they had pot aficionado explaining how the contraption works.

And oh boy, these grannies could most definitely feel it after. Check out the whole video:

We really can’t get enough of grandmas blazing it up, with one of these kinds of videos popping up every so often. But they’re all fucking great. 

Hopefully Trish, Margot, and Daphne got the best part about getting lit: munchies. 

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