“Giraffic Park”: The most terrifying “Jurassic Park” reenactment ever


Subtract the T-rex and a bleeding Jeff Goldblum from the famous Jurassic Park chase scene and add in some screaming teens and a menacing giraffe.

Subtract the Tyrannosaurus rex and a bleeding Jeff Goldblum from the famous Jurassic Park chase scene and add in some screaming teens and a menacing giraffe.

What do you get? The greatest movie reenactment on Earth.

An amateur video of exactly that was uploaded to Liveleak Monday, where it has collected more than 444,000 views, in part thanks to a popular post on Reddit that dubbed it “Giraffic Park.”

Redditor TheArvinInUs translated the Afrikaans dialogue from the video:

Woman: It’s behind us

Other woman: Just hold on and look forward (probably the guide telling them to not look down as they say)

Guy: Here is is

Scared woman: Im gonna…

Woman: hey hey.

Guy: There, he stopped (lit. there stops he)

Scared woman: Fuck guys, i’m sorry. I was really stressed. Shit.

In the spirit of Jurassic Park and the giraffe video, redditor murderder100 posted this epic GIF remix of the velociraptor enclosure scene.


H/T Reddit | Illustration by Fernando Alfonso III

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