Garfield’s well-wishes to Puerto Rico inspire the best and worst in humanity

Humanity is a rich tapestry of views and beliefs and opinions and personalities, and nowhere is that more evident than in the responses on Twitter to Garfield wishing the people of Puerto Rico well.

Garfield, you may know, is a cartoon cat who hates Mondays. His Twitter account, run by the folks at, mostly tweets out strips of Garfield comics and Garfield-related memes. Like this one:

Ha ha. Topical. In line with the Garfield brand. Not necessarily a perfect tweet, but a perfect tweet for @Garfield, I’d say.

On Oct. 20, Garfield tweeted his support for the people of Puerto Rico, who are still struggling to recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria.

That’s great. Garfield’s got on a Puerto Rico sweater and is using another infamous cat slogan to plug a worthwhile charity.

But Jesse Brennamen noticed that the responses to Garfield’s tweet also show the wonderfully rich world we live in.

People supported Garfield supporting Puerto Rico.

People who loved Garfield loved the gesture.

Others wanted Garfield to share some of his signature snack.

Others couldn’t even spell the famous dish.

Some took time out to take a shot at President Donald Trump.

Others… uhh…

Chelsea Clinton retweeted it, which brought out some interesting accusations and claims.

And some thought Garfield should broaden his request.

But, for all the responses, it was Marinés who nailed it

Thks indeed!

David Covucci

David Covucci

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