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It seems impossible, but a couple of creative minds give it a shot.

How could you possibly improve on the scene that will probably give Peter Dinklage another Emmy nomination?

Game of Thrones’s take on the procedural drama (or the Seinfeld series finale) in the most recent episode is a nail biter, so it seems rather appropriate to give it its own Law & Order theme. The show’s been mashed up with almost everything at this point, but this version has the return of the Internet’s new favorite character. And an appearance from Ice T is never a bad thing.

And how do you make a scene even more dramatic but with a classic violin theme?

But it’s Tyrion Lannister’s final speech, after he’s pushed to the edge and bursts out in anger after four seasons of verbal abuse, that has us on the edge of our seat. He may be guilty of being a dwarf, but there’s one thing he’s completely innocent of—well, besides Joffrey’s murder.

He’ll still have to name a champion for his trial by combat, but I think he’d have been better off calling for a trial by dance.

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