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Anna and Elsa journey through Hogwarts in this incredible ‘Frozen’ fanart

Accio! Accio! Can't hold it back anymore!


Aja Romano

Internet Culture

Posted on May 1, 2015   Updated on May 28, 2021, 10:41 pm CDT

Do you wanna go to Hogwarts? You will after you’ve seen what this 18-year-old fanartist has done with Anna and Elsa from Frozen.

Ponzu (???) is a Japanese fanartist on popular art platform Pixiv. She’s done two amazing sets of fanart, one for Anna and one for Elsa, that imagine the heroines from the Disney phenomenon as students in the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Since Hogwarts is a seven-year boarding school, Ponzu has done artwork for both girls in each year of school. So we see them grow up, just as they would if they really were Hogwarts students.

Okay, first, how amazing is this as a concept and how awesome is this execution? 

Second, wouldn’t Anna and Ginny Weasley be total Quidditch BFFs?

Ponzu has also cleverly incorporated elements of Frozen‘s narrative into her chronology of the characters. For instance, around the time Elsa is a fourth year, we see her sadly pulling on the gloves that will protect others from her powers—while Anna, a few years her junior, looks glum as she tries to build a snowman by herself:

It’s okay—we didn’t need that heart anyway.

Ponzu imagines the events of the main narrative of Frozen taking place during Elsa’s sixth year and Anna’s fouth year. So when Elsa is finally coming into her own as a witch, we see Anna’s hair streaked white, as in the end of the film:

Later on, after everything has been resolved happily, we can spot Anna wearing a Hufflepuff scarf. 

Hmm. Wonder which hunky Hufflepuff gave her that? 

Finally, Ponzu gives us a glimpse of Anna and Elsa after they’ve each graduated, Anna as a Quidditch star wearing the colors of her home team, Arendelle, and Elsa as a teacher:

You can see the whole series at Ponzu’s Pixiv account, here for Anna and here for Elsa. (Note: Only logged-in Pixiv users can see larger and individual versions of the artwork.) You can also follow the artist on her Twitter account.

Now who wants to transfigure a snowman?

Illustration by Ponzu/Pixiv

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*First Published: May 1, 2015, 2:09 pm CDT