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What will Frank Ocean fans complain about now that they have the new album?

The long wait is finally over—but we still need to whine.


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Posted on Aug 23, 2016   Updated on May 26, 2021, 5:09 am CDT

Frank Ocean surprise released the visual album Endless last week, followed by another album, Blonde, over the weekend.

These are Frank Ocean fans, and they’re extremely happy that he has released new music for them to devour. And you know what? They deserve it. They’ve been killing time on Twitter for years, begging Frank to release something, anything, to satiate their musical thirst.




As you can see, Frank Ocean’s fans are very serious about their love for his music, so it’s nice that they have new music from him to groove to for the remainder of the summer. 

But what then? Now that Endless and Blonde are being played on various computers speakers and blasted from cars, what will Frank’s fans complain about? Studies show that over the last four years, about 75 percent of Twitter timelines have been polluted by Frank Ocean fans demanding a new album. Being that Frank has now given them 35 songs and a magazine, these fans have no gripes left.

Well, here are some suggestions.

1) Scold Donald Trump

This is a no-brainer. Playing Blonde and listing the reasons why Trump is problematic should be easy for you.

2) Be angry at your parents

Surely your mom has done something lately to piss you off. Your dad has definitely not been good to you lately. Write a post about your horrible parents while flipping through Boys Don’t Cry.

3) Join 4chan

This community of complainers will welcome Frank Ocean fans with open arms.

4) Complain about the weather

It’s August. It’s super hot. Frank Ocean has released a plethora of music for you to enjoy. Having opinions about the weather will fill the emptiness you have inside when you realize that your favorite R&B singer is no longer letting you down and there’s no reason to whine anymore.

5) Start plotting about how you’re going to complain after you’re tired of the new music

Frank’s new music has already been out for a couple of days, which means it’s time for you to begin thinking about all the music he’ll release in the future. You’ll be able to complain on Twitter about being thirsty for a new Frank Ocean album sooner than you think.

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*First Published: Aug 23, 2016, 9:00 am CDT