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Dude roasts turkey with drone-mounted flamethrower just because he can

I hope everyone likes it well done.


David Britton

Internet Culture

Austin Haughwout, the 19-year-old college student from Clinton, Connecticut, who made headlines back in July when he uploaded a video of a drone firing a handgun, is back with this video of a drone roasting a turkey with a flamethrower.

It was around the time of the gun video that Haughwout was in the news for another drone-related incident. He was allegedly assaulted by a woman on a beach who accused him of using his “helicopter plane” to take candid pictures of women in their swimsuits.  Haughwout was almost dragged off to jail before he showed the police this video of the woman punching him:

Attaching weapons to drones is currently not illegal, but state and national lawmakers are certainly looking into it.

“This incident, like the incident related to the gun, shows a need for comprehensive drone regulation,” David McGuire, policy and legislative director for the ACLU of Connecticut, told the Hartford Courant.

But, until those laws are passed, Haughwout is free to roast his birds however he wants.  

H/T Hartford Courant | Screengrab via Hogwit/YouTube

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