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This parody COVID-19 invitation to the Fartlander wedding hits all the right notes

You can laugh at it from the comfort of your own home.


Bryan Rolli

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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the United States unabated, but you might not know it from the amount of terrifyingly large public gatherings being held across the country. Apparently, some people decided that the virus was gone because it was no longer convenient for them to abide by social distancing guidelines. 

That sort of reckless climate makes it easy to believe—or at least identify with—the parody COVID-19 wedding invitation that went viral (no pun intended) this week.

Comedy writer Dan White shared the mock invitation on Twitter on Monday, where it has since been retweeted over 24,000 times. At first glance, it looks fairly legitimate—that is, if you think Erica Fartlander and Dustin Ween sound like names that regular human beings would actually have. (Then again, if anybody would have such outrageous names, it would definitely be anti-mask COVID crusaders.) 

The invite gets off to an auspicious start with a sentiment surely echoed by virus deniers everywhere: “Fuck Covid-19”! These two lovebirds are keeping their date, your feelings and personal safety be damned. Erica and Dustin are also prohibiting masks (they “want to see everyone’s beautiful mouths”), but if things get hairy, guests can retreat to the “designated ‘cough room’” to get all those respiratory droplets out of their system in peace. And, lest anybody worry, they’re taking plenty of pictures of the grandparents, “in case anything happens.”

The Fartlander-Ween nuptials would be infuriating if they weren’t so obviously doctored. Thankfully, the couple is lifted from a stock wedding invite on Mixbook, so you can all laugh from the comfort of your own homes without worrying about anybody setting foot in the cough room.

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