Reddit is hunting for Elon Musk’s alleged secret account

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In case you missed it, Elon Musk recently tweeted a request for “ur dankest memes”.

Tsk Tsk Elon, you can’t just ask for dank memes. Dank memes must come to you.

There were some pretty great responses to the billionaire’s request, although few would qualify as a dank meme.

Now Reddit, home of the dankest of memes, has decided to troll Musk by posting memes about him assuming he has a fake account and is monitoring them.

Or, you know, maybe they don’t actually believe that and they’re just having fun pretending. When it comes to Reddit, and especially Reddit meme groups, it’s really impossible to know.

Hi Elon from memes

Elon musk is probably watching this meme right now from dankmemes

Elon Musk rn from dankmemes

We gotta bring in the big guns to find Elon musk in this sub from PewdiepieSubmissions

I AM NOT ELON MUSK......BUT AM I. from PewdiepieSubmissions

r/dankmemes searching for Elon Musk’s reddit account (2018, colourised) from fakehistoryporn

Some people seem to think he’s hiding behind that not-so-subtle username ElongatedMuskrat, an account that’s been around since December of 2014.

u/ElongatedMuskrat is Elon Musk confirmed, he even posts stuff on r/spacex from dankmemes

Muuuuuusk from memes

EEEEEElon from memes

This is older than Musk’s official Reddit account, which was created in January of 2015. That account hasn’t been active in over two years, though.

So what’s really going on here? On the one hand, it’s hard to believe that the CEO of a company that makes spaceships has the time to sit around on Reddit monitoring it for dank memes. Then again, he can’t seem to shut up on Twitter and he’s pretty much the definition of eccentric. If Musk actually is active on Reddit using a “secret” account, he’ll probably let us know soon.


David Britton

David Britton

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