elon musk and grimes

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Everyone thinks Grimes looks like Elon Musk’s daughter in this photo

Just a completely normal image for 2018.


Stacey Ritzen

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Good news everyone, the bizarre Elon MuskGrimes pairing is still a thing—which has been eclipsed in recent weeks by everything from the Tesla mogul handing out flamethrowers to private citizens, to trying to intervene in the rescue of a soccer team trapped in a cave in Thailand, and then insinuating that the real hero of the trapped team was a pedophile.

That would be a lot going on for most normal mortal human people, but it’s seemingly all in a day’s work for Musk.

Getting back to the odd coupling that most people—Weird Al included—are still trying to wrap their heads around. The following photo—taken earlier this week at the 2018 Space X Hyperloop Pod Competition in Hawthorne, California—of Musk with Grimes and one of his sons is making its way around the internet.


People began retweeting the photo, and there were a lot of jokes about Musk, who is 47, and 30-year-old Grimes.

A lot of people also had the same observation: Grimes looks like his daughter in the photo.




And at least one person subtly remarked on the noticeably different appearance Grimes (real name, Claire Elise Boucher) is now sporting—complete with lighter hair and pink … is that gingham??

The photo even made it to the Humans of Late Capitalism Twitter account:


This is fine. Nothing to see here, it’s all just going to turn out fine.

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