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Elf Bars & Egos: VidCon 2023


James Del

Internet Culture

Posted on Jun 23, 2023


This story was originally published on Passionfruit.

Hi there. If you’re new here to Passionfruit, that makes two of us. 

I’m James Del, the publisher behind the curtain for this here news and community operation we’re spinning up for the creative underclass. Welcome to the party, hope you got the memo about BYOB. And DMCA takedown notices.

I’m filing from the press room of VidCon, the annual gathering of digital video creators and fans in the heart of Anaheim, CA, a city that, until the 1950’s, was primarily farmland and German immigrants (fun fact: the name combines the Santa Ana River with the German “heim”, or home).

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*First Published: Jun 23, 2023, 6:46 pm CDT