This spine surgeon is the weirdest doctor on Instagram

Dr. Dean Smith is more Instagram famous than you. The El Paso Spine Center surgeon has amassed quite the following on everyone’s favorite photo-sharing site—around 47,400 people, to be exact.

He litters his account with unflattering photos of his staff, along with behind-the-scenes shots and posts that have literally nothing to do with the spine whatsoever. It’s captivating as fuck.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery.

A photo posted by Dean Smith (@epspinecenter) on

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

A photo posted by Dean Smith (@epspinecenter) on

Apparently, the most cutting-edge techniques in spinal surgery look like a shitty modern art piece come to life and can block an entire waiting room. As for the other photo, this is just one of many failed Photoshop attempts that make Dr. Smith’s Instagram presence a true delight, unwittingly turning it from misguided publicity grab to weird, experimental gem.

El Paso Spine Center.

A photo posted by Dean Smith (@epspinecenter) on

Minimally invasive spinal surgery.

A photo posted by Dean Smith (@epspinecenter) on

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery of Neck and Back.

A photo posted by Dean Smith (@epspinecenter) on

Please never tell Dr. Smith that the sky doesn’t have a backbone and isn’t in need of orthopedic spine surgery. Not that it matters.

The 56-year-old medical professional wants to share his entire life with you, whether in the form of these two ill-fated videos made at a CrossFit complex and uploaded over two years ago to YouTube or this sweet hike he took with his sons recently. Shoutout to the PowerPoint effects that have probably earned Dr. Smith mad respect at surgery conferences.

The single greatest pairing of Web 1.0 effects and utter nonsense is this repeatedly posted clip advertising El Paso Spine Center’s YouTube channel.

Subscribe El Paso Spine Center YouTube. #neckpain #backpain #elpaso

A video posted by Dean Smith (@epspinecenter) on

I reached out to Dr. Smith in hopes of finding out exactly when the zombie apocalypse is happening, but he was too busy warding off the undead to respond.

For those legitimately into spinal surgery, El Paso Spine Center account features graphic scenes in addition to clouds and the color periwinkle Photoshopped onto operating tables, so you might as well embrace your morbid curiosity. Digging deep into surgical procedure videos is exactly what Dr. Smith wants you to do.

Started from the bottom, now he’s here.

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