customer speaking in car with hand up with caption 'they flip my coffee upside down and they spun it around and water not water' (l) customer speaking in car with caption 'and then they flipped it back and they said here' with Dunkin' logo above (c) customer speaking in car with hand out with caption 'it's like Dairy Queen' (r)

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‘Here, it’s like Dairy Queen’: Dunkin’ customer says worker handed them their coffee upside down

‘They were having the best day at work.'


Alexandra Samuels

Internet Culture

Posted on Feb 9, 2023

Dairy Queen customers may be used to workers flipping their Blizzards upside down before serving them. But what happens when a Dunkin’ employee attempts the same stunt? 

In a video posted to TikTok, user Shae Ann (@shaeann__) claimed that a Dunkin’ worker handed them their coffee upside down. As of Thursday morning, their video had over 164,000 views. 

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As Shae Ann attempted to get their coffee from the restaurant’s drive-thru, they said the cashier reportedly told them, “I have something cool I want to show you.”

“They flipped my coffee upside down and spun it around and coffee fell through the straw hole,” Shae Ann recounts in the clip. “Then they flipped it back and said, ‘Here, it’s like Dairy Queen.’”

The move didn’t seem to disturb Shae Ann, however—who laughed as they told viewers the story. In the video’s caption, they even reiterated their support for the chain. “@dunkin I love you,” they wrote. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Shae Ann via TikTok comment and Dunkin’ via email. As of publication, it was unclear why the employee decided to tip the coffee upside down, but the TikToker certainly had no issue with the unique presentation of their drink.

In the comments, Shae Ann said that the stunt “legitimately made my morning.” Viewers, too, said that they would’ve been equally confused and bemused if a Dunkin’ employee did something similar to their own drink. 

“This is why I love chaotic people,” read one comment. “Lol, you’ll never know their next move.”

“They were having the best day at work,” said another viewer. 

“PLEASE this is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day,” a third commenter wrote.

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*First Published: Feb 9, 2023, 7:55 am CST