Dude’s year-long prank of surprising his mom by throwing her eggs is ridiculously funny

Forget scrambled eggs. This dude’s all about tossing them.

In what appears to have been an extremely long-term prank, this guy spent over a year lobbing eggs over to his unsuspecting mom. Sure, he’s not hurling them at her, but there’s always the possibility of this turning into a very messy situation. His mom looks to have mastered the art of delicately catching the eggs, to the point of practically being an Olympic athlete.

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Get this mom a medal for dealing with her son’s bullshit. And possibly some eggs Benedict. 

H/T BroBible | Photo via threar/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)

Gabe Bergado

Gabe Bergado

Gabe Bergado is a Daily Dot alumnus who covered dank memes, teens, and the weirdest corners of the Internet. One time, Ted Cruz supporters turned him into a meme—or at least tried to. In 2017, he started reporting for Teen Vogue's entertainment section.