You’ll die at these Snapchats of a bro trying to control his drunk girlfriend

tequila shots

Photo via othermore/Flickr

Also, her hangover.

There are partiers who go hard, and then there are partiers who really go hard. Elizabeth belongs to the latter group.

Seriously, this girl knows how to have a wild night out. She starts off trying to sneak chips into the club, only to get caught by the bouncer. She’s savage at Mario Kart even while incredibly intoxicated, and she can beat the buffest guy in a push-up battle (with Solo cups on their backs). And her favorite thing to do while turned up? Ball pit.

Thankfully, Elizabeth’s boyfriend Snapchatted the whole night while babysitting/supervising, adding his hilarious commentary to all of bae’s crazy antics.

You know he means business when he’s screaming “ELIZABETH! ELIZABETH STOP!”

While we’re a little skeptical as to whether or not this duo is legit (since there seems to be a whole mess of other crazy funny “Cot dammit Elizabeth” videos), let’s just pretend they’re real and enjoy them.

And, of course, with a night out like this one, the hangover is going to be pretty nasty. At least she has this boyfriend by her side getting her back to 💯 while Snapchatting everything.

Now I really want to go out to the club with Elizabeth. Next round of shots is on me.

Gabe Bergado

Gabe Bergado

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