Here’s the worst possible way to get the plane seat armrest

middle seat

Screengrab via ViralHog/YouTube

It’s war in the friendly skies.

There’s an inherent injustice to being stuck in the middle seat of an airplane row. You don’t really get any perks whatsoever, and it’s unclear which armrest is up for grabs. One bold as hell white dude wants to change that. That’s right. He’s going to take back the armrest.

Look at him go, being passive-aggressive as fuck! And if you think that shit would fly with anyone else, you’re sadly mistaken. The friendly skies are a bullshit moniker for what’s basically glorified public transit from private companies. The word “bus” is in half the fucking names of large airplanes anyway. And it’s not like soaring through the air is going to change anything.

So bravo dude. Never change. Reclaim that armrest and come get your little miss manspreader sash from the steward.

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