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These people got some amazing drunk New Year’s texts from their parents

You know it’s going to be a lousy year when your parents are already having more fun than you.


Cooper Fleishman

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You know it’s going to be a lousy year when your parents are already having way more fun than you.

This text I just got from my dad>>

— Austin Martin (@bernbags) January 1, 2014

first text of 2014 from my dad

— Morgan (@holyumbrellas) January 1, 2014

Text of the year from my dad #Hestheman #Keepgrinding

— Ryan Hoppe (@HoppeRadio893) January 1, 2014


— Smiggie Ball droppin (@SmiggieBalls2) January 1, 2014

Dad’s sweet text.. from the basement, lol.

— Erin Pierce (@wEaRIN_youout) January 1, 2014

First text I get from my mom on the new year😂

— Emm (@Emmaly_03) January 1, 2014

Just got a text from mom it reads, “GUESS WHOSE STILL UP BITCHES!!! THIS GIRL!” Then another the reads, “MAMA ALWAYS.WINS!”

— Jazzy Alexandra (@JazzyAlexandra) January 1, 2014

Too much raving. … and then I get a text from my mom saying she found weed again….

— 75FAB13F (@3pointgod) January 1, 2014

Text from my mom “I love you shay! Have fun, be half way good, be careful and hav safe sex!!!!” WHYYYY GOD???

— Shannon (@TheReal_ShayZ) January 1, 2014

A text from my dad hours ago is the only hint at where my parents are right now

— Pat Mruz (@PatrickMruz) January 1, 2014

Text from Mom: I am at ,08 I am legally drunk after 3 shots & 3 Jell-O shots! #mom

— Molly Rose Pearlman (@MolllyPearl) January 1, 2014

The text I get from my dad

— Jazmin Regalado (@Jazy1215) January 1, 2014

The first text of 2014 I get from my dad

— Heela (@heelaaaa) January 1, 2014

This amazing text from my dad about my mom tho

— Britt Julious (@britticisms) January 1, 2014

Nice drunken text from my dad wishing me happy new year😂🎉👏🍺

— Lauren Horseman (@lauren_horseman) January 1, 2014

New Years text from my grandma 😂👏

— Shawn to Houston (@AdmiringShawn) January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) January 1, 2014

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